Happy 1 yr of being in remission anniversary to me?????


This past week I celebrated my one year anniversary of being in remission, yay for me! Now how do u celebrate that you may ask??? by having your 6 month mammography of course!!! I went to the my regular breast center where EVERYONE knows my nameand my boobs to,( and no its not like Cheers and they yell “NORM” when you walk in). I fall into my routine when I am there. I get dressed in the pretty pink robe, pick out the prefect seat in the waiting area and find the best gossip magazine. Apparently the one I picked was from May, Tom and Katie are expecting, wow good for her lol. I get called in for my photo shoot. Move and turn, move and turn annnnnnnnd one more hold it…ok we are done, you can get dress and wait. So I am now back in the waiting area picked up another gossip magazine,how I love dirt on the stars, now apparently Tom and Katie are divorced and not pregnant!!! In the meer time it took for a mammo they go from baby to divorce, this place needs to up date their reading material!!! Any way I get told to get undressed again and put the gown back on for more films. Now I am not one to be camera-shy but this are not the kind of pictures you want to have more of. From my experience more films, more problems. I am back in the room for my close up. Once again turn this way, turn that way, ok done once again, have a seat. Back in the waiting area this time I am NOT gonna read a gossip magazine after the disappointment of Katie and Toms break up lol. I just sit there messing with my phone trying to pass the time. Next thing I know the tech comes in and tells me that the Doctor wants to speak to me. Really??? Now??? What if I don’t feel like talking??? (Which is never the case with me). She brings me back to a semi lit room with two walls of all of films from the past two years. I think, “wow I have a really nice rack”, but I knew compliments where not why I was brought back to speak to the radiologist. There where new findings on my films that were taken today. Three little specks that look like sesame seeds near my previous lumpectomy site. I was kinda hoping that my Doctor had just eaten lunch and some of his sandwich got on my films, but nooooooooo not me. Apparently, I have developed clarifications again and was told I need to have a needle biopsy to see if the cancer was back. I walk out of the hospital holding my 10 pounds of films with my head spinning, good times.

SO, here I am today just returning from the breast specialist who preformed my lumpectomy. He agreed that a needle biopsy would be the best procedure for me right now even though I pushed for it to just be removed and get it done with. The problem with just going in and removing it and if it is cancer I will need to have a mastectomy,  two surgeries vs needle, I’ll take the needle. Apparently after you have radiation the skin does not heal as well as it used to. Driving home the mastectomy thing is in my mind. If it is positive for cancer again I will get a new set of boobs!! I am trying to get  my mind to a positive place and not go to the dark side. So now I am imagining a world with my new BFF’s… my new perky breasts!!! These are magical breasts,  the kind that you don’t need a bra, the kind that are always at attention and look wonderful in everything. That is what I will think of if I get unfavorable biopsy results, that is what will get me through the next week.


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