A true friend shaves your head when the chemo kicks in!


It was 10 days since my first chemo  (my chemo started April 2011), and my scalp start to hurt. I knew it was time to grab the clippers and get to work.I laughed the entire time Jess shaved my heard! (She is my angel!!)


First it was a mullet,then a mohawk, then all off with a tail(we tried to braid it but the hair kept coming out). She cried I laughed, because as a child you dream of taking those shears to you head and doing what you did to your barbies! I dont know about you,  but my dolls always had a little trim from time to time!! I then headed upstairs and had a good cry in the shower! I didn’t realize its really breezy being bald,now I know what my husband feel like,burrrr!


About chemobrainandmore

My name is Heather and I am now 39 yrs old living at the Jersey shore. I was diagnosed Jan 2011 with stage II A breast cancer right after my 36th birthday. Sadly I was married for just a year at the time.I had four rounds of chemo 33 round of radiation a lumpectonly and MANY ,MANY biopsies. As if that was not enough I ended up having a total hysterectomy summer of 2012. And then this past July 2013 I under went a bilateral mastectomy and I am still under going reconstruction. I am a mom, a wife and a survivor! I have had more ups and downs then I have fingers and toes! But through it all I have had a smile on my face and try to laugh my way through it all. I have done two Strides Walk for breast cancer and I am extremely proud of how much I have raised ( I made pacesetter status!) I enjoy laughing and making people laugh, and if my blog can shed some light on cancer and make one person laugh at ,or with me ,then the fight has been worth it. Thank you for reading about my life and taking a ride with me on this journey. Feel free to reach out to me, I love being able to pay it forward and help others!

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  1. I just love you so much Heather. You said I was your angel, however, you are mine. I have never met anyone like you in my life. Kind, caring, compassionate, real, loving, and most of all you are a truly amazing friend. You have given to me a very precious gift and you don’t even realize it. You have made me a happier person. I can sit back and truly enjoy the moment. Before the cancer came we were always laughing and giggling. After the cancer, we are still always laughing and giggling. You make me a happier person. You make me want to be a better person. You Heather are the reason I am a better person. I will be right there next to you forever.

  2. Heather, I wanted to stop by your site after I saw its name posted with your comment on my site. My mother is a breast cancer survivor, more than 10 years cancer free. Please don’t take this the wrong way when I tell you, “You are a Survivor Tree.” Be well!

  3. You both are amazing people and really show what a real friendship is about. All those friends that fight over nonsense should read this. I’m very proud to say I met and have in my life to amazing people that truely are amazing friends to each!!! You both taught me a real life lesson! Love you heather! You are an amazing full of life person. I wouldn’t change a thing about you!

  4. Thanks for checking out my blog. I had a head shaving party when it was time to say farewell to my locks. Nothing better than 50 of your closest friends and some laughter to get through that difficult task. I have written a book, a sort of memoir for my son who is 16, just in case…Today was my first blog with an excerpt from my book that I am in the process of e-publishing. I will continue to post here and follow your story as well. You are a warrior. You are strong and brave, and your hair will grow back soon, mine did 🙂 xoxoxo sister.

    • Thank you so much. I am actually I just had my one year anniversary of being in remission and i luv my hair that grew back 🙂 However tonight I am prepairing myself for surgery to confirm the bc is back. We r def both warriors!! I choose to have sick jokes about my adventure. Like you I have amazing friends, I think its amazing your all shaved their heads!!! Mine just had a benefit for my family for medical bills and so I can start a fund so I can have a carrier for the embryos I had frozen before my chemo. I have not had the chance to blog on the benefit yet. Its amazing how you learn who your true friends are at times like this in your life! Be well 🙂

      • I am sorry to hear you are having a surgical biopsy, or lumpectomy? Breast cancer is a sonofabitch! It can also be the best thing to happen to you that you would never wish upon anyone. Ever. But it can change you and your life in the most profound ways. I must clarify 🙂 I was the only one shaving my head at the head shaving party. I wouldn’t wish wigs on anyone!
        Be well, and I will look for your updates.

      • Thank you for the well wishes. It nice to have someone who understands what its like. I am so made I was talked out of a mastectomy the first time because I was to young. I am afraid that for the rest of my life I will always have these scares,more biopsys etc. I am praying for the best for friday. Its nice to have someone who understands. I may go for a second opinion at Fox Chase In Penn, I dont know where you live but I heard wonderful things about them. And yes cancer has made me a better person lol I am happier and enjoy my job now(I have an extremely stressful job) you dont quite look at things the same way! Have a great night,ttyl.

      • Please don’t second guess your decision about not having a mastectomy…my cancer came back post mastectomy…The surgeons cannot get 100% of the breast tissue during a mastectomy, so it’s not the insurance policy that we all think it is…Please let me know what the results of your surgery reveal. I will be holding you in my heart on Friday. ~Trina

      • Thank you for sharing that yours came back after mastectomy. You are amazing and it is nice to have someone who understands what it is I am going through, and also nice to have someone to look up to. I will def let you know my results,praying for the best (you are also now in my prayers to.) I saw the pic of your nails, I had issues to. My oncology nurse had me put my finger tips in ice water during my chemo session to help. I know how painful it is ask your doctor and see if it may help you. Well Im off to nap, the oxy’s are kicking in. All the best Heather

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