The waiting game for my life begins again. I some how found myself on that bus ride again!(SOMEONE LET ME OFF PLEASE!!)


It is 7:30 am Monday September 17th and I anxiously await to have the biopsy of my right Breast. Along with my nerves about going back to work tomorrow (fyi I has a total hysterectomy 8 weeks ago,yet another story,and yes I had another surgery, I am the definition of HOT MESS lol). I question will this madness with my body end ever end? I am glad I go back to work tomorrow it will help me pass the time for the next two days until my biopsy results are in.  I do miss my friends and having a laugh with them. But its the pending doom of my right breast that is eating away at my good spirit today. I have packed my ipod with my spa music, no P Diddy for this procedure, this is serious work :)! I walk in the breast center that I was at the previous week but now I am greeted by a nurse who will assist in the procedure(yes!! a person in this place who has not seen my breasts!!!). I think to myslef  how bad could this be?? wrong. I had to lay on my stomach for about 45 mins in what I can only describe a device was from the movie Saw(ok I am being dramatic, bu really it was nuts). The procedure is called a stereotactic needle biopsy. The last biopsy I had was done right in my breast surgeons office with out all the machinary because my tumor was so close to the surface. As the procedure began I tried to meditate, I was at  beach in Turkes and Cacios with the island boy bringing me spiked beverages, ahhh to be there now. And then the novicane hits me, wow how it burns. My mind is now back at this damn room. They give me one further inside. After taking what seemed like 50 mammo films they finally got the right position to start the procedure, of course the spot was on my scar tissue and hurt like hell!!(not for nothing but I believe men need to have something like this done to them just once in their lives to appreciate what we women go through for good health lol). I now hear the machine clamp down and I hear something going in and out of my right breast, each time a little further in and at times I would feel a little zing as it hit a nerve. After they confirmed they got the calcium deposits they then put in a teny tiny titanium rod in (smaller than a tic tac). Of course my first question was can I  use my breast as a post it board??? good question right? I figure if I have it I might as well use for reminders, grocery lists things like that. But to my dismay it is not. So I then was bandaged up and told not to lift anything heavy and they would have my results in 3 days which is friday. I hope and pray for good news, but like I said before if it’s not the” magical breasts” will soon be on their way to their new home with me! POSITVE THOUGHTS FOR NOW 🙂

This is a image of the machine that does the biopsy, see I told you it looks like its from the movie Saw!! lol


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