I know I am strong, but I dont know if I am this strong!


Yesterday I had the stitches removed from my biopsy site. (Thank god they are out!) However this little stint was not without its trip to the ER.

Here we go again, it’s a roller coaster ride, up,down sharp turns, the whole 9. Saturday my husband and I went to Costco to prepare for the up coming week for when I would be returning back to work (yay how I miss my friends). I kept complaining of a sharp pain in my breast. I pride myself on being a strong person when it comes to pain, I have had more IV’s,injections and blood draws than anyone I know lol. But this pain was sharp and bad. On a scale of 1-10 we where @ a 9. Earlier before we left my steri strips came off the incision area so I cleaned it and covered it didn’t think anything of it. By the time 9 pm rolled around I couldn’t take it anymore and off to the er we went. I looked @ the incision area one more time before we left and it looked like the wound had opened. (These things are par for the course with me, I just roll with it).
We wait in the ER waiting area an hour to be seen by a doctor. She saw me for a total of 30 mins,makes no sense right? They called my surgeon gave me antibiotics and pain meds and sent me on my merry way. No blood cultures,no IV, no culturing the incision (I am not complaining about the fact that I was in and out, but do you ever feel like the doctors just are not listening to you?? )But with the pain pills in my system the pain was at a tolerable level. My surgeon called me sunday morning to check up on me and felt that I possibly have an infection just starting and we caught it in time.
So that brings us to today, stitches removed, we went over my biopsy report again, I was not happy to hear there where more microcalcifications but apparently that is from the radiation. Now the bad news…another mammo in 6 weeks ( ARE YOU F^*#ING KIDDING ME). Apparently the titanium pellet they placed in when I had the stereotactic biopsy was not to be found in the new biopsy tissue, so that means one of two things, 1) it fell out of the tissue when they where doing what they do in the lab or 2) it’s still in me!!! If it’s still in me it means all the tissue that needed to be taken out was not. MORE SURGERY!! You see my dilemma??? This would be my 5th surgery on my right breast. I can’t see myself being cut open again, I know it will be around Thanksgiving, but I am no turkey to be carved up again!!! Why cant I just get the magical breast I have been dreaming of??? This would all be a distant memory!! To tell you the truth I am frustrated and pissed. I think a second opinion is called for with this one…again to be contiuned.

Yea that looks about right, the sharp cutting tool in the breast!!!


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