All I needed to know in life, I learned from having breast cancer! (hint,hint it has to do with friends & family)


Amongst all this crap I have been through in the past two years I have to thank my family and friends. Without them I would not have the strength to get through all of this. Without them I would not have found my cancer (Pat!!)!! I love you all dearly!!! My husband and son are so amazing!! Both of you are my angels and you are my heart!!Thank you for helping me on my worst days and being there for my best days, without either of you I would be missing a piece of myself!!

My son Branden and husband Rick

Rick and myself a month and a half before I was diagnosed. Man I miss that 80’s hair!!!But I do like my chemo curls lol.

These are the pictures from when Jessica and I cut my hair off in April 2011. We laughed, we cried but we made it fun!! The hair in the garbage can after looked like a Shih Tzu LMAO!!

Mohawk with the classy rat-tail, very early 90’s

a good friend shaves your head




These pictures below where from mother’s day 2011, all I wanted to do was sit and smell the salt air. I was to sick for anything else, but it made me so happy!!

Myself and Branden on Mothers day 2011

Rick and myself

Pink party at the melting pot, 2/2011 right after my lumpectomy.

The above picture is from Feb 2011. My friends had a pink party for me. Nothing better than a little fondue to pick up your   spirits!! What an amazing group of friends I have for doing all of this!

Pink drinks!!

marshmallows for dipping, mine looked like boobs lol take notice the one had a dent in it, just like mine!!!


 These next group of shots are from when my friends surprised me with a night out in a PINK LIMO!!! They had shirts made and all wore pink. What a way to celebrate being in remission. Again THANK YOU ALL!! This time you got me to cry lol.

Jenny Mac and Gen

The HOT pink limo!! My celebration of being in remission 11/2011

Jb, Lorin and myself

J boogs and myslef

Pink night to celebrate me being in remission!!

ok you got me with the surprise!!

The girls

I have learned though all of this, that all you need in life is a good family and good friends. Both will get you a long way, no matter what your battle is. I LOVE YOU ALL!! XOXO THANK YOU FOR BEING MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS


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