Any helpful tips to prepare for a bilateral mastectomy???




Today is my plastic surgeons appointment and I’m not gonna lie I am excited to pick out my new girls!!! However I could use some help on preparing myself and husband for the surgery. I have bought button down shirts, button down pajamas, two zippered cover ups, dry shampoo, lots of baby wipes, books, and movies. I will have visiting nurses to assist my first few days home Am I miss I anything?



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My name is Heather and I am now 39 yrs old living at the Jersey shore. I was diagnosed Jan 2011 with stage II A breast cancer right after my 36th birthday. Sadly I was married for just a year at the time.I had four rounds of chemo 33 round of radiation a lumpectonly and MANY ,MANY biopsies. As if that was not enough I ended up having a total hysterectomy summer of 2012. And then this past July 2013 I under went a bilateral mastectomy and I am still under going reconstruction. I am a mom, a wife and a survivor! I have had more ups and downs then I have fingers and toes! But through it all I have had a smile on my face and try to laugh my way through it all. I have done two Strides Walk for breast cancer and I am extremely proud of how much I have raised ( I made pacesetter status!) I enjoy laughing and making people laugh, and if my blog can shed some light on cancer and make one person laugh at ,or with me ,then the fight has been worth it. Thank you for reading about my life and taking a ride with me on this journey. Feel free to reach out to me, I love being able to pay it forward and help others!

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  1. Oh, good job with your preps, including the home nursing. Nobody offered me that, and I didn’t even think about it what with me being in the healthcare business and all 😉 . Not sure my going home the AM of the day after surgery was the best idea. It’s not that being in the hospital another day would have been so helpful to me, but my tremors and pain were quite frightening to my husband–who was stuck with the whole task of caring for me in those first days back home.

    My surgery was done in the “day surgery” part of the hospital bc of scheduling issues with my breast surgeon and the plastic surgeon. That’s where they both had blocks of time, and that’s where I did the surgery bc I wanted the first available date.

    They were perfectly happy with keeping me overnight, but that led to the problem of having to toddle down the hall to the bathroom every time I needed it–and I was so f–ed up from the meds that half the time I couldn’t remember where it was (forget waiting for a nurse to help, they’re just too busy). They kept talking about putting me on one of the main floors with my own bathroom and everything, but it never happened. Talked about giving me a PCA (personal pain pump), but that never happened, either. So in the end, I was more than happy to go home the next AM. About 18 hours after recovery, no less. I look at that again and wonder what they were thinking…

    Since you seem to be an effective planner, you might want to ask about all of the above and make some noise if having a room (even a semi-private) with a bathroom you can get to without getting lost sounds good to you.

    All the best


    • Kay, wow what a mess!!! I thank god work for a health insurance co. so I know my benefits well and will make sure I maximize them. My nurse case mgr is great. She helped when I had my lumpectomy two yes ago and last summer with my hysterectomy ( I am a hot mess lol). By the now wise old age of 38 I have learned all the medical stuff is a fight!!! My hysterectomy should have been out pt but my lung filled with fluid do I got admitted. There where no rooms on the gun floor so I had a private room on the PEDs floor!!! Looking up at first on the ceiling in the middle of the night on pain meds is interesting lol. Hopefully I will get a semi private room. I know my company won’t pay for a private room off the bat. I am happy to have the visiting nurse my poor husband has seen enough lol I will try to spare him the grossness of the four drains. I do know I with have a cathertor on each side feeding pain meds directly to the masectomy sight I’m very happy about that. The bathroom thing does worry me, don’t really want a roommate when I’m stoned and my butt will be hanging out of my robe 😉

  2. Hi,
    Just wanted to thank you for the like on my last post but also to say good luck for tomorrow with your op. I’ll be thinking and praying for you.

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