Do I hear 850 anyone, anyone? How about 875? Anyone, Anyone?


Yep, its me again talking about my boobs! Its that love/hate relationship with Thursdays and its here again, sorry Dr. A. You are a pleasure to see, its just that damn needle!

Tomorrow I’m sorry to say I will not be as brave as last week, no topical and 50cc, that is as brave as brave can gets when it comes to this crap! I can only describe this feeling  kinda like jumping into ice water. The shock of the needle puncturing your muscle is like first hitting that water, its shock, pain and a slight twitch. Then you slowly ease into it an accept the feeling, and then hurry out into a warm towel. Accept after the needle I don’t have a warm towel to comfort me, however I do have muscle relaxers to take the edge off. 😉



I am getting to the point when I have my tank top on I am not flat chested! Its no where close to where I was before, but I am good with that. Like I said in my previous blog, my breasts and I had a good run together and now we have had a amicable divorce! I am happy with my new life with out them!

Through out this long process I believe I have one of the best plastic surgeons in Nj. Dr. A ( Dr Assad Samra). He is so kind and caring it has made this a easier process. He listens to all my concerns. And answers all my questions, even my stupid ones!! Ever time I get my injection I some how find something to laugh about, it is comforting especially when your getting two needles in your boobs for weeks lol. So I really do need to say a huge thank you for making a difficult time in my life a little easier with your wonderful bed side manner. Even my husband is very impressed, and that is hard to do!


About chemobrainandmore

My name is Heather and I am now 39 yrs old living at the Jersey shore. I was diagnosed Jan 2011 with stage II A breast cancer right after my 36th birthday. Sadly I was married for just a year at the time.I had four rounds of chemo 33 round of radiation a lumpectonly and MANY ,MANY biopsies. As if that was not enough I ended up having a total hysterectomy summer of 2012. And then this past July 2013 I under went a bilateral mastectomy and I am still under going reconstruction. I am a mom, a wife and a survivor! I have had more ups and downs then I have fingers and toes! But through it all I have had a smile on my face and try to laugh my way through it all. I have done two Strides Walk for breast cancer and I am extremely proud of how much I have raised ( I made pacesetter status!) I enjoy laughing and making people laugh, and if my blog can shed some light on cancer and make one person laugh at ,or with me ,then the fight has been worth it. Thank you for reading about my life and taking a ride with me on this journey. Feel free to reach out to me, I love being able to pay it forward and help others!

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  1. Bitter/sweet on this blog. I am sorry you have pain during your fill process and you feel the needle. The sweet side of that is that you have feeling in your breasts. I have none. And I mean none. I never felt the needles, but now I don’t feel anything either – except phantom nipple pain. So, after the fill needles disappear forever – at least you can look forward to having some sort of feeling in those breasts. Kudos my friend. That’s awesome !

  2. I just saw Laura’s comment, which is kind of like what I was going to say. When I get my fillings, there is no numbing agent needed, she locates the titanium “marker” thing where she needs to inject the needle and I might, that’s a BIG might, might feel a little pinch in my top layer of skin, but that’s it. Everything else feels “dead”. I wonder why some of us can’t feel anything?

    P.S. Sometimes, rarely, I have experienced the phantom nipple pain.

    • It is strange how everyone e is so different when it comes to pain. My rt side my muscle always jumps when the needle goes in. The only injection that was not to bad about as the first one. But I am glad I have the pain because I know I have feeling. The phantom pains come n go, but it could also be healing.

      • Yes, in this case, pain is a good thing, I’m a little worried about how life is going to be without feeling in my chest. Oh well, time will tell. 🙂

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