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Today is my reconstruction surgery. Happy birthday to my new twins!


Well today is the day that I am having the c-section for my twins! (don’t know if they are boys are girls yet !) Really I’m getting my brand new perky magical new breasts! Remember those magical breasts that I talked about many, many blogs ago? These are the ones that would never need a bra and would look fantastic in everything that I wore? Yes those breasts!! Oh and let’s not forget these the most important thing is they are cancer free!



A little nail art to welcome the twins!

I am entering into the surgery with anxiety, some fear, but especially excitement to see how I’m going to look after all it’s over. Its time to close this chapter in “Heather’s Breast Cancer Shenanigans and Surprises”. 🙂





This is my last three years of my life in a nut shell! ( literally I am a nut lol)

Some where over the rainbow…


In the next few days I will be having my reconstruction to get my new girls, that is what’s for me over my rainbow. Or should I say rainbows since I have two boobs?? Yep! They are my pot of gold after this storm of cancer ripped through my life lol. I mean don’t get me wrong, a pot of gold would be amazingright now with me appealing my denied disability. But for now I will take a brand new set of perky boobs! Oh how I have longed for this day.

I hope you enjoy this version of this song. I first heard it on a episode of ER when Dr. Green had died ironically of cancerous brain tumor( fantastic tv show, god how I miss it). Any way I LOVE this song, so calming and happy.

sometimes out of the darkest clouds, the hardest of rain and worst of storms come the most beautiful of rainbows!

Now that I have three days to surgery I’m looking for positive songs to play and keep up beat. I do love my 80’s hair bands and the grunge of my last years in high school and college. What songs make you happy and keep you positive?

To My person

To My person

Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all especially to my love, my husband. You’ve been through what I can only imagine as a nightmare for a husband to endure, dealing with all the ups and downs that we have been though our past four years of marriage. (And even before that)

You are always there to make me laugh in my darkest hours and make my best days even better. There is no one in the world I would have rather been with on this long, and some times crappy journey then with you. You are an amazing person and your love has gotten me through so much. As we are about to face our next obstacle I know it will make us even stronger then before. Thank you for having the patience to take care of me on my worst days. And for not caring that the big C has changed the way I look, you make me feel more beautiful then ever.

You are the love of my life…you’re my person.

I have to put in my two cents about this whole mammography thing. DONT CHANGE THE GUIDLINES!

I have to put in my two cents about this whole mammography thing. DONT CHANGE THE GUIDLINES!

These news reports are blowing my mind . I do understand the study was done on women over the age of 40, which I am not. The study showed two groups of women, one had mammos the other only manual exams. It found of the women in the group who had mammos 500 woman had deaths from bc vs the other group. 505 died who had manual exams. ( that is still 5 lives lost!! Someone’s mother, sister, friend).

Now my issue is I had a breast exam by my GYN in August 2010 and she found nothing. However I went 4 months later on December 10, 2010 for my first base line mammo since I had just turned 36. It was the mammography that found the lime size mass that I had in my right breast ,not my GYN and not by my self exams. What would have happened if I did not have the mammography? Would I have just been a static to? I feel that this information is giving women the wrong message.

The day I was diagnosed my radiologist showed me where it was, it didn’t feel like I thought. So with my sick sense of humor I let everyone except the janitor at my work feel the mass so they would know and learn what a mass feels like . To my surprise many woman also said it didn’t feel like they thought it would. I am convinced this new information will deter women from having mammographies. I know many women will look for any way to avoid a mammo. Truthfully I feel the base line age should be lowered to 30 and yearly mammos to 35. I know too many women in their mid 30’s that have breast cancer.

I understand we have better equipment to detect these tiny cancers. But for a woman like myself who had dense breasts the mammography saved my life. We want women to take care of themselves and one of these tools are mammographies AND self exams. Please don’t change the guidelines!! There will be women who are not lucky enough to find it on their own or have it missed by their physicians ( like myself). I mean really what is the point of all this wonderful technology that has been developed to find this deadly disease to now turn around and say no to use it? This is a slippery slope we should not venture down!


Pancreatic Cancer Action Campaign: I Wish I Had Breast Cancer



Congratulations, Pancreatic Cancer Action.

Your brilliant marketing plan is working. It was a stroke of genius to have Tube ads and YouTube videos of people saying “I wish I had testicular cancer” and “I wish I had breast cancer.”

The UK-based  Pancreatic Cancer Action’s Ali Stunt  was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer age 41 in 2007.  Upon learning the disease has a 3% chance of survival and an average life expectancy of just months, she found herself  wishing she had  a cancer with a  better chance of survival. “In fact the cancer I personally wished I had was breast,” Stunt writes. “[My friend with breast cancer] was telling me how grueling her treatment was and how difficult it was to cope with the diagnosis. While I was sympathetic…I couldn’t help but think every now and then, ‘it’s alright for you, you have an 85% chance that you will…

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