Today my heart is heavy for it’s the anniversary of the passing of my Mom

Today my heart is heavy for it’s the anniversary of the passing of my Mom

Today, March 11 marks 15 years since my mom Virginia Cerwin passed away from cirrhosis of the liver. What a horrible thing to see someone die from, never mind the fact that it’s your first experience with death. At the time I was only 24, a only child and I had barely lived life. To lose your mom at that age really changes the person that you are. For a while I didn’t always get along with my mom mostly due to her drinking and me being a teenager. Growing up I thought it was normal till I was 14 and a friend of mine broke it down to me what it was. Even worse my father was a “functioning” alcoholic. So I needless to say I had to grow up pretty fast. There where a lot of times things would always be said that felt like knifes being thrown at your heart. Now that I’m older I know it was not her it was the disease talking.

Unfortunately due to all the damage to the liver, my mom had a lot of toxins going to her brain so she had hallucinated a lot. And one of our last conversations two days before she passed away she had asked me if I was pregnant, I just took it to be one of the hallucinations. In the previous months before she died I had had two miscarriages. One at 11 weeks and one at 6 weeks. The last thing on my mind was having a baby, I only wanted to do was to save my mom. All of this took quite a toll on me. My husband at the time was in the Navy and we lived in San Diego, so going back and forth to NJ was exhausting. The saddest thing I had ever seen was my father collapse on the floor when they told him it was terminal. As a child you see your father as your super hero, brought to his knees in pain broke my heart to see him like that. I remember in her last moments that heavy breathing and the glassy stare. ( I would like to think she was seeing a better place) The nurses knew it was the end, they shut the alarms off on the monitors so they would not go off. I remember leaning in and telling my mom it was ok to go… those are words a 24 year old should never have to say to a parent. The next days I barely remember. Planning the funeral, getting people at the airport and most importantly taking care of my grandmother, god bless her she was 90 then. That poor woman buried two husbands and two daughters, I hope I end up with just a half of the strength she had. I know if she was here she would tell me it’s because she is Scottish and we are strong people. Little did I know that strength would come out in me with my fight with BC.

Now back to the point of my mom asking if I was pregnant. Ends up three weeks after the burial I waspregnant with my son Branden. Every time I talk about this I get chills. My father came and stayed for a month with me in San Diego right after the funeral and he was the first person I told! My mom wanted nothing more then for me to have a baby, I truly believe she had something to do with Branden! Finds out I have a genetic disorder that causes me to miscarry so I believe my mom had a hand in the miracle that is my son!

Mom, it’s been too long since I have seen you and heard you. I hope you are proud of the strong woman I have become, yes the Scottish part has something to do with it lol. I hope you are free from your demons that plagued you here on earth and you are happy where ever you are. You left us too soon at the age of 58. But I know everything happens for a reason, that reason was Branden. I love and miss you- Heather




About chemobrainandmore

My name is Heather and I am now 39 yrs old living at the Jersey shore. I was diagnosed Jan 2011 with stage II A breast cancer right after my 36th birthday. Sadly I was married for just a year at the time.I had four rounds of chemo 33 round of radiation a lumpectonly and MANY ,MANY biopsies. As if that was not enough I ended up having a total hysterectomy summer of 2012. And then this past July 2013 I under went a bilateral mastectomy and I am still under going reconstruction. I am a mom, a wife and a survivor! I have had more ups and downs then I have fingers and toes! But through it all I have had a smile on my face and try to laugh my way through it all. I have done two Strides Walk for breast cancer and I am extremely proud of how much I have raised ( I made pacesetter status!) I enjoy laughing and making people laugh, and if my blog can shed some light on cancer and make one person laugh at ,or with me ,then the fight has been worth it. Thank you for reading about my life and taking a ride with me on this journey. Feel free to reach out to me, I love being able to pay it forward and help others!

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  1. Heather, I am new to being a blogger but i find you to be a good writer. your piece about your Mom is tender and touching. You have not had an easy go of it but your spirit is vibrant and positive. you are young enough to be my daughter so I can only imagine how not having a Mom around at this point in your life is particularly sad. One of my daughters commented that as hard as this is going to be she knows that it would be so much worse for me if it was one of them going through it. So, dear Heather, You have a” Mom- type” praying for you.

    • Thank you from the bottom of my heart! That is so sweet of you. Yes it been hard, I lost my dad 4 years ago to. The one thing I’m thankful for is that they don’t have to see me fight and be in pain, no parent wants to see that. I have two angels looking out for me! Thank you for reaching out to me and reading my bold. I have a sick sense of humor but its what gets me through! Your daughters are very lucky to have a kind mom like you. And I’m happy to have you on my side. Xo

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