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Setting my goal high for Strides! Time to start saving some lives!!

Setting my goal high for Strides! Time to start saving some lives!!

I’m proud to say I am part of this amazing group of people fund raising to end breast cancer. This is my third year walking for ACS and I am looking forward to many more years of supporting the fight for a cure. My goal this is to raise $2800, surpassing my first walk of $2600. I KNOW I CAN DO THIS! And no one will tell me I can’t, your talking about a two time survivor so I am even more determined!

Please pass along my info by text, reblogg on WordPress, FB, twitter, word of mouth, carrier pigeon lol just anyway to get it out there. If your able to donate even a doller it’s greatly appreciated! If your unable to, just cheering my team on is a huge help! I am also selling several “unique” breast cancer support bracelets for donations( they make me laugh & I figured will make someone else laugh too).Please send me a message if you are interested in a bracelet and so can send you pics of them and arrangements to get it to you.

I just have to say I am just so excited for October! It’s a passion I have!! Now, pink is def not my fav color, but it a color for a great cause! I pray one day I won’t have to fund raise anymore because there will be a cure. Until then, Heathers “New” Rack Pack will be hitting the pavement every year!! I just want to be able to give back to what has been given to me. It’s karma!! And it makes the hell I’ve been through all worth it if I can help just one person!

So who’s ready to start supporting,donating and kick some cancer ass?!?!?

Thanks!!!! Heather aka, The “New” Rack Pack


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My thought for the day…


As I’m curled up in a ball in bed from my Zometa infusion taking my pain meds, I just had a deep thought… ( the best deep thought ARE when your taking pain meds of course lol)

I wish cancer, would get cancer and die!! 🙂    Screw you cancer!</


Is it really infusion time again?!?! How much can a person take??

Is it really infusion time again?!?! How much can a person take??

Yep, it’s been six months since my last vile infusion of Zometa. I am so horribly anxious about the pain. And yes, the night terrors have stated up. What I’m so anxious about Is this type of bone pain is indescribable. It gives me chills just thinking of how my legs, jaw and pelvis will ache and I won’t sleep or walk 😦 Unfortunately it is a evil necessity!

The positive is, three down seven to go!!!! Ok, not much positivity to go on with this one, but I’ll be happy I won’t have osteoporosis in my 70’s! So I guess BRING IT ON, I’ve been through worse, right?????