This past week I celebrated my one year of being in remission from breast cancer, yay for me!!! So how do I celebrate this special event??? by having a mammo of course!! Last Thursday I was due for my 6 month follow up. I went to my usual breast center where EVERYONE knows my name.  I go in put on my pretty pink gown staragically pick my seat in the waiting area and find the best gossip magazine. (The one I found was from May, apprently Katie Holmes is pregnant,congrats good for her lol). I get called in by my usual tech for my photo shoot, turn this way, turn that way, and one more and we are done. I am told to go back and get dress and sit down. So I am back in the waiting area, reading another gossip magazine, this time to my dismay Katie and Tom are now divorced and she is not pregnant. This place really needs to update their magazines, going from pregnancy to divorce in the time it takes to have a mammo is bad lol! Anyway, I get called by the tech to get undressed again we need to take more films. Really??? Are you kidding me???I am not one to shy away from a photo op so what the hell. I am back at the mammo machine for my close ups. At this point from expierance extra films is not a good thing, I have had scares before so I am calm and positive joking with the tech. Once again I am told to get dressed and have a seat. This time I am not reading my gossip magazine,no more disappointments lol. The next thing I hear is, “the radiologist wants to talk to you”, this is not the peson I want to talk to at this moment because now it confirms in my head something is there. I walk into this semi lit room with the tech and my radiologist who diagnosed me the first time seated in a swivel chair. All I see on the lighed walls are images of my boobs, all I kept thinking is “WOW I have a really nice rack”. But we where not in this room for compliments, we where there to see these three little specks that look like seasame seeds on my films near my previous lumpectomy site. I was hoping my Doctor just had a sandwich and the seeds fell off the bun and stuck to my films but nooooooo I couldn’t get that lucky. At that point I am told that there was a change in my films from the previous ones and need to have needle biopsy to see if the cancer had returned. All I can think is, I just had a total hysterectomy 5 weeks ago and I am finally healing from that, (that thing is another story) and I am supposed to return to work in a week and a half what the hell?? So here I am today, I just returned from the breast surgeon. On the way there in my mind I am saying to myself I want whatever it is out instead of a needle biopsy. Finds out the best thing to do is to have the needle biopsy since I have had radiation and the area will not heal well. The problem now is if the radiologist does the needle biopsy and cant get the calcifications out I will end up having surgery to remove it and then have them biopsy them that way. I then ask my doctor whats the game plan if it comes back again positive for breast cancer?? His answer was mastectomy. Ok I can deal with this, at least if it is positive again I will get a new set of boobs out of it!!!! Driving home I am imagining a world with my new bff’s, my perky new boobs. In this world you never have to wear a bra and where they are always at attention.  Ok, if it comes back cancer this will be my image to think of!!! Positive thoughts, hopefully we will not have to go that route but if I do thats what I am thinking. The thing that sucks is now I have to wait an entire week to have the biopsy done and then another two days for results. I know this is them treating me with caution because of my previous diagnosis of Stage II Breast Cancer and this is the life I now lead, it’s just gonna be a very long week!


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  1. I am sorry to read this on your one year anniversary. You are supposed to be celebrating and doing the cha-cha, not having a needle biopsy – or any other kind of biopsy….uggh…breast cancer sucks. Why is it running amuk these days? What is happening to all of us ? Please update this blog as soon as you get your biopsy and your results ! Good luck..

    • Thank you. My biopsys both came back’ atypical cells. My doctor believe its from the radiation.I go for another Mri in a few month and see if there are any changes. I feel like I will forever have the “what if its back” in my mind. I think a lot of people are finding theyvhave it so young because of early detection.I had just gone for my base line and discovered it. I bug all my 30 something friends to just ho and get it done. Sorry it took me a while to respond being back at work full time has taken a lot out of me. But i will be posting soon. Thanks for your interest!

    • Hi there! Well I have had two not so great mammos so I have decided to take charge and have a bilateral mastectomy. I’m sick of having surgical biopsies every six months. In the end its the best choice for me. I am keeping positive because in the end I won’t have to wear a bra lol! I am still wiped out from the hysterectomy but its just the hormones. How have you been doing in hour remission? I see you got to take a trip! How wonderful! Thanks for reaching out 🙂

  2. Your so awesome…so positive and I see you smiling when you talk…would love to hear how your doing and what’s going on!! 🙂

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