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Finally…reconstruction and nipples are here! HORRAY!!

Finally…reconstruction and nipples are here! HORRAY!!

Well, it’s finally here!! My consultation for my mastectomy reconstruction and nipple reconstruction is tomorrow. Yes, once again more surgery. At this point I’ve stopped counting lol. It’s been well over a year I had my implants placed, now it’s time to tune them up!

I approach this with joy, excitement and fear. Excitement to be “complete”, joy to be moving on with this and fear of the unknown. How will I look? Will I be happy? And of course how much will it hurt? All I know there is something in me that says now is the right time. I want to feel whole again. I know the fear of cancer will always linger  but finishing this process will help me have some closure to the cancer chapter in my life, and allow me to open a new chapter…life after cancer, being a survivor! 



ONLY SEVEN DAYS TO ACS STRIDES!! Will you help me make my goal??


YES I am going to be a pain in the ass about this!!! So I am reposting this important blog.

I am so passionate about ACS and what they do for breast cancer. Sadly I am no where near my goal, but that’s ok! I did just have a mastectomy a few weeks ago so I don’t have my usual ways of fund raising.

If you can find it in your heart and in your wallet to donate ANYTHING it would be greatly appreciated!! As always pass along my information!!

The more money we raise, the more lives we can save!



I hope everyone is feeling a little generous! Please check out my link to my personal American Cancer Society Making Strides to end Breast Cancer fund raising page. I wont be able to walk due to my condition but that wont stop me from exceeding the amount I raised last year!! So if you can find it in you heart(and your pocket lol) and show your support by making a donation. And if you do, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!! And if you are unable to know I appreciate the thought!


Because I know I will make a difference in the fight to end breast cancer. I know that by raising funds and walking in the American
Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event I will help
save lives from breast cancer. Last year I was thrilled to make Pacesetter status by raising over $2600 and that was my first year participating!

I believe that one day breast cancer will never steal another year from anyone’s life like it had done to me. Making Strides is not only my opportunity to join my community to fight back against breast cancer but it is also a way to inspire hope by raising funds and awareness to help those facing
the disease like myself.


My reason for walking in the Making Strides event is personal – just
like every other walker’s story. As many of you know I was diagnosed
almost three years ago with stage II A breast cancer at age 36 after
being married for only a year. I had a lumpectomy, four rounds of chemo, 33 rounds of radiation ,four more breast biopsy’s, a total hysterectomy and just six weeks ago I had a bilateral mastectomy. All because of Breast cancer!! It has been a very hard and long journey!!!!

We need to find a cure so no more days are taken away from people like myself by this horrible disease!!