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My girls are sadly in a holding pattern


At every procedure I should have this sign hung!!

Thursday’s visit with the plastic surgeon met with disappointment, however it was not unexpected. Since I have had a low grade fever for 9 days we don’t want to take any chances of filling up my girl’s today ūüė¶ . Those damn complications keep creeping into my recovery! Again I did know I had a 30% chance of having them, because of the radiation treatments from my previous lumpectomy.

I did have the joy of having a needle incereted near the port of the expander to see if there was any unusual fluid. No fluid, so that was positive. Not gonna lie the look of the needle was worse then its prick! ( I have been stuck by ever gage needle, in possibly  more places then I care to share  then anyone I know lol)


Now, its just waiting on my CBC results. I possibly could end up in the hospital on IV antibiotics. Once again things could be worse, fingers crossed till the results are in! I am fighting off feelings of depression of this set back by thinking of my new perky boobs in a lacy Victoria’s Secret bra!! I already got a gift certificate from my good friend, all I need now are to boobs to try them on! I do admit I would love to shock the crap out of the sales women at Vicki’s and ask them to measure me prereconstruction just for shits and giggles lmao!


This is my right girl as of today. The x marks the spot of where the port is for the expander. I think she looks like old man balls lmao!! I dont think Victoiria Secret makes bras for old man balls!!


You want me to measure THAT??