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Five weeks post op.Another fever, another thought


As of now, I’m on day 7 running a low grade fever! All I can do is lay around and wait for them to go away.

I was sent to my PCP , and low and be hold an infection on my right side where my drains where!! I didn’t feel it, it didn’t look infected….but I have to remember it is also the side I had radiation. I admit I am a little nervous. But I am thankful because it could be worse, right??

Now I’ve been taken off the antibiotic from last week and have been prescribed Cipro. Fingers crossed it works, because tomorrow was supposed to be the first fill up for my girls. As with anything in my life there are always bumps in my road of life. Right now I am feeling pretty down, but I am trying my hardest to keep my chin up and laughter in my voice.

I received a beautiful book from someone who also had a bilateral mastectomy. I will leave you with this thought from the book.

Someone once said, “Circumstances don’t determine character-they reveal it. Who we are as human beings revealed most clearly during times of struggle, hardship, pain and suffering. It’s easy to be a good person with things are going great. But when times get tough, that’s when you’ll really find out stuff you’re made of”.
(Learning to Dance in the Rain by Mac Anderson)