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Update. Let the healing begin..,AGAIN!


  Here I am not able to sleep. Partially because of pain but mostly anxiety. Plus the dog curled up in my lap constantly does not help the hot flashes, but it’s ok I need the snuggling to get me through this. 

 Boomer snuggling with me  Tomorrow I get to see my new breasts!! And maybe have a drain removed ( I hate them they are horribly sore) I really hope this was the last surgery, and believe me this one was a doozie!!! Constant pulling and pressure. 

The first day home was a huge struggle to get the pain meds right. The second day started running a fever, highest it went was 100.9, whew just missed going to Er. I have tendencies to run fevers after all my surgeries. I think it has something to do with my Lupus. Having a fever to go along with everything else was pretty unbareable. But I can see some cleavage!! At least there is cleavage at the end of this tunnel!🚂 

I’m just so uncomfertable with the two drains and not being able to lift my arms. My husband has been a fantastic caregiver as always, I don’t know if I could do it for someone else.

My son has also been a huge help, but you know 15yr olds busy with friends and work. Sadly to say this is “normal” for him lol. I do feel this entire cancer thing has made him a better person. I see a lot of compassion from him and he has a tendency to always help someone in need. ( plus he does his own  wash! Your welcome future wife! Just don’t meet him for like 13-14yrs from now I’m not quite ready to cut the apron strings 😁)

I’ll be back in a few days with an update of how my girls are going

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Some where over the rainbow…



In the next few days I will be having my reconstruction to get my new girls, that is what’s for me over my rainbow. Or should I say rainbows since I have two boobs?? Yep! They are my pot of gold after this storm of cancer ripped through my life lol. I mean don’t get me wrong, a pot of gold would be amazingright now with me appealing my denied disability. But for now I will take a brand new set of perky boobs! Oh how I have longed for this day.

I hope you enjoy this version of this song. I first heard it on a episode of ER when Dr. Green had died ironically of cancerous brain tumor( fantastic tv show, god how I miss it). Any way I LOVE this song, so calming and happy.

sometimes out of the darkest clouds, the hardest of rain and worst of storms come the most beautiful of rainbows!

Now that I have three days to surgery I’m looking for positive songs to play and keep up beat. I do love my 80’s hair bands and the grunge of my last years in high school and college. What songs make you happy and keep you positive?