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Update. Let the healing begin..,AGAIN!


  Here I am not able to sleep. Partially because of pain but mostly anxiety. Plus the dog curled up in my lap constantly does not help the hot flashes, but it’s ok I need the snuggling to get me through this. 

 Boomer snuggling with me  Tomorrow I get to see my new breasts!! And maybe have a drain removed ( I hate them they are horribly sore) I really hope this was the last surgery, and believe me this one was a doozie!!! Constant pulling and pressure. 

The first day home was a huge struggle to get the pain meds right. The second day started running a fever, highest it went was 100.9, whew just missed going to Er. I have tendencies to run fevers after all my surgeries. I think it has something to do with my Lupus. Having a fever to go along with everything else was pretty unbareable. But I can see some cleavage!! At least there is cleavage at the end of this tunnel!🚂 

I’m just so uncomfertable with the two drains and not being able to lift my arms. My husband has been a fantastic caregiver as always, I don’t know if I could do it for someone else.

My son has also been a huge help, but you know 15yr olds busy with friends and work. Sadly to say this is “normal” for him lol. I do feel this entire cancer thing has made him a better person. I see a lot of compassion from him and he has a tendency to always help someone in need. ( plus he does his own  wash! Your welcome future wife! Just don’t meet him for like 13-14yrs from now I’m not quite ready to cut the apron strings 😁)

I’ll be back in a few days with an update of how my girls are going

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Sinking like a stone…


Today is one of the bad days for me. Why you may ask? I’m cancer free, my girls are starting to be filled up I should be thrilled, right???

After my fill up two days ago the pain from the expanders is back. Its been six weeks of on going pain physically. I believe I am starting to grieve all my losses from my past up till today. I never did that with my ectopic pregnancy or the lumpectomy, or the hysterectomy. And now with the bilateral mastectomy its a bit much. I feel my sprit, like a heavy stone that has been thrown into a pond,is slowly sinking to the bottom.


Hopefully this journey I’m on leads me back to the top of that pond. Where I can float free and be myself again.

Its the two week post mastectomy update, its all good!!!


Here I am blogging in my medical recliner. Thank god my plastic surgeon recommended it, there is no way I could have gotten out of my bed. I will soon make a list of things I found during this time that have made life easier for myself and husband. ( secretly I know he enjoys the bed to himself lol)

Today I had my third postop appoint with my plastic surgeon. I had 1 drain removed, whooo hooo! So I am down to 2, there was one removed last week. I don’t think the two thst are remaining will be ready till next week. The one that was removed today hurt like a bitch!! Followed by relief, because that one had become very uncomfortable. He also removed the tape that covered my stitches. My incisions on both breasts are about five inches long. Every time I look at where my breasts used to be I think they look like old man balls!!! But I guess there are worse things they could look like lol.

Here are just some of the things that come to mind!! Enjoy lol




Golf balls


Eggplant ( actually my old ones where like this lol)




Hacky sacks

I am just happy with how well my recovery is going. No infections or surprises ( yet). I think the hardest thing is not driving and having people wait on me hand and foot. ( although I do admit being waited on is not such a bad thing to complain about 😉


My husband & myself before surgery. What an amazing man he is!!!!