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Update post mastectomy surgery



Well I made I through the big surgery, approx 7 hours in the operating room. I also spent an extra night in the hospital due to pain control. I’m not gonna lie i was brought to tears twice in the first 12 hours because it hurt so much. It is defiantly no cake walk by any means!!!. Nothing in life that is worth anything, is not without some pain!
Today I get to shower!!!! I didn’t think showering would be such a big deal!!

P.S. NO CANCER!!!!!!!! My pathology report was clear!!!!!!


This is me about an hour after surgery.


Today I am happy to be Negative! Negative for cancer that is!!


Friday evening I got the long-awaited phone call. As I lay in bed buried in a pile pillows and a oxy to take the edge off the pain my phone rang. I knew it had to be my doctor because of the ominous unknown phone number that came up on my caller id. Once again he had a cheery sound in his voice, but this time it was for real. The second biopsy is cancer free!! I feel like I was just pulled off of death row. Now my life can get back to normal.(However, I still will dream of those magical boobs that are in a far off land, I can still have reconstruction via my insurance company lol, but not for a while my body is a hot mess from all of the surgeries.) I just can’t believe the amount of pain I am in from this. My surgeon said he did have to go in deep, and I did also had the other biopsy last week. My poor beat up boob, it might as well be a pinata at a 7 year olds birthday party with all the abuse its taken over the past few weeks! Except mine is filled with scar tissue and bumps not candy and noise makers.

Ok, this pinata is def not for a 7 year olds birthday party. However with me and my friends this would be perfect to beat the hell out it to celebrate breast cancer awareness month!

But is your life ever “normal” after having cancer?? Will I always live with the fear of is it back? When will it be back? Do I have it again and just don’t know it yet? Has it matastsized?I feel like for the rest of my life I will be on the edge of my seat when it comes to my breast health. I know these questions resonate with other survivors, but how do u get over it? I just feel like that damn “C” word will be hovering over my shoulder,always. And every now and then just for shits and giggles it will rear its ugly head just for attention. Just when you are happy and feel healthy, along it comes just to let you know its there ,and there will always be that slight possibility of it coming back. However, I am a fighter, I have won this round and won my title of “survivor”. I plan to keep it that way! DON’T MESS WITH ME CANCER, I HIT BACK!!